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Great stuff. Lots of these were debated and some things were just done to have something there.

Originally Posted by theducks View Post
OMG Did you guys load this release up on Nitro-Methane.?
It is Smokn' fast

20 chapters of files renamed.. seconds instead of a minute or more
Validate faster
S&R All faster
Only thing that appears slower is closing a section tab, and that is not terrible.
We'll look into the closing tab as we noticed it was a bit slower. Especially if you have lots of tabs and right-click on the heading to close all other tabs.

Originally Posted by Serpentine View Post
Looking good so far - Been watching the commits, some very nifty options and changes. Well done guys

My useless comments so far:
  • Back button - perhaps move to the view toolbar?
  • Insert anchor/link - these look like they should be in the insert toolbar?
  • Regex options in the search menu - perhaps bump this up to under search/replace (in the group?). Seems strange at the bottom.
  • Tools menu - Move 'check for well formed errors' into the same group as spellcheck?
  • Tools menu - Move metadata editor to the ToC/index group?
  • Search menu - 'Go to line', does it need to be in its own group?
  • Case modifiers - 'Propercase' sounds a bit strange - while it's not really title case, most editors call it title case.
  • Preferences - 'Clean Source' - does it needs its own pane? Seems a bit odd, but nothing wrong if it'll stay there in the long term.
  • Clips - Yup, more semantics! Most editors call these snippets, which to me makes a lot more sense and does not confuse with clipboard management stuff, which is fairly common (and something I will never understand).
  • Search editor - 'Search preset editor'? or something similar. I love semantics, it's true.
  • Back button - started on the View but was hidden so ended on Search. Partnered with go to link/style.
  • Insert anchor/link icons are on their own toolbar group with back to link so all link related items are together, but reasonable to have them on the insert group.
  • Regex options were just left at the bottom - seems reasonable to move it under Find/Replace.
  • Tools menu - 'check for well formed errors' is not related to spell check, and needs to be visible/easy to access. I removed the icon to avoid accidental use by users though.
  • Tools menu - metadata editor was there to be prominent, but with its own icon now grouping the book items makes sense.
  • Search menu - 'Go to line' could be grouped with goto link.
  • Case modifiers - If 'Title' case is used, then we might give that a go
  • Preferences - 'Clean Source' on preferences is new But I think it does need its own pane as its so critical. We don't want to hide options too much with large groups.
  • Clips - Snippet Editor? Hmmm. Will have to think on that one. Clips was used by some tools so I don't think its unique. It used to be Clipboard Editor
  • Search editor - 'Search preset editor' doesn't sounds right. Search Editor is simpler. It was Search Manager, but Editor is more consistent with the others.

Relating to icons. I am offering to do this work (in rasters) if it helps!:
  • Insert anchor - The flag kinda makes sense, but anchors make more sense
  • Insert character - The omega isn't bad, but for desktop stuff isn't the accented 'a' icon more common?
  • General comment on all the insert icons - They could do with a more uniform look, with a little + or something?
  • Case modifier icons - They don't really make sense.
  • Add existing files - Makes sense but looks kinda odd.
  • Metadata editor - Feel free to PM me a suggestion, though the i needs to be prominent so I might just darken it a bit to keep it simple.
  • Chapter break/marker - could do with new icons which offer a suggestion to the functions.
  • Insert anchor - An anchor might make more sense, but I could only draw a flag and that took long enough Feel free to PM me a suggestion (22px/16px) but I'm not overly concerned. Anchors can look confusing, and in fact both the insert id and insert link insert an anchor tag with a different attribute, so an anchor could mean either.
  • Insert character - Omega was used by other tools so just borrowed. Its not actually in the list Could try A' but not sure who else uses it?
  • General comment on all the insert icons - A + on all the icons would make them look a bit busy. With them re-grouped it should be clearer.
  • Case modifier icons - Seems sensible to me and I didn't do those
  • Add existing files - Other suggestions? A + on the folder is possible but didn't look right either, at least the way I did it. At least its visible - one reason save as came off as it was too easy to confuse with save.
  • Metadata editor - A bit meh, maybe put the info 'i' over a book?
  • Chapter break/marker - feel free to PM suggestions, but they've been there a long time so people are familiar with them. Icons take a lot of time and they are never right

But yeah - all in all a real improvement, haven't got round to functionality, but it's getting rather powerful!

PS. Save split view and you guys will be heroes forevaaaah.
Split view is gone. Preview view is it, even if it won't be used by many. Split view caused all the problems that almost caused Book View to be dropped. Now all the caret syncing works perfectly.

Edit : also, as posted above, everything about this is now fast. I'm not a person to care about load times or anything, but sigil opens faster than foobar... freakishly fast. I actually didn't see it load and launched a second copy because there was no launch feedback.

Great to hear its faster!
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