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Originally Posted by taming View Post
I read this thread a few times. I didn't want to chime in unless I had something of value to add in, and I wasn't sure I did . Here goes.

I think it is important to acknowledge, perhaps through weighting of the importance of features, or the prominence/order in the review, a difference between whether the Glo does what Kobo promises and has been designed to do, and, well, other things.

So, for example, Kobo stresses the ease of syncing kepubs with other devices and apps. I believe that should be covered in a review. Kobo is designed to sideload though Adobe ADE. How well that works is important, even if MR users are prone to use calibre, instead. It's hard to remember that we are not the typical user of an e-reading device. I believe that for this reason, prominence and rating points should reflect the basic functionality that most people are looking for when they buy a reader.

Speaking of calibre, I am a huge fan and use it almost daily. That being said, it is a third party program, and whether or not Kobo plays nicely with it depends, to a large extent, on whether one of the people who volunteer to develop and extend it choose to work on and develop the kobo driver. Currently David is doing an amazing job working on the driver. Before David, Tim did that for several years. Volunteers have other lives, and there can never be a guarantee that any device will do what we would ideally want when kobo (or any device manufacturer) makes a change. I think that people who write about devices need to take that into account. Now, if a manufacturer goes out of its way to keep calibre from working with its devices, that is another story.
Very good points. I'm not sure what a typical MR user is like, but I will definitely try to focus more on syncing the Glo with ADE rather than solely with Calibre, as I would agree that a review should take into account it's compatibility with stated devices and software, rather than third-party, unsupported ones (even if the unsupported one is wildly popular on the site the review is being posted on!!). So yeah, I'll ensure I try to spend equal time with ADE as I do with Calibre.

Now I just need to think about how to succinctly add a comment to my original post stating this...

Originally Posted by Mrs_Often View Post
These collections are called "shelves" in the Kobo devices. At the moment I don't think Calibre can organise anything into shelves. The only way to make shelves and add books to them is from the device itself. But who knows, things might change in newer Kobo firmware, and then we'll need a Calibre update as well...
Ah, good to know, I wasn't having much luck on Google with Calibre "collections" and the Kobo devices. I'll take a look at how easy it is to import Calibre or ADE collections into the Glo as "shelves", if it's even possible.

Phew, looks like I've got a lot of work to do before I get my new eReader!!

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