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@AiPe, I wrote to Bookeen as well, no response. Previous queries take them a long time to respond to, if at all.

Their main site, doesn't look like it has been updated for a long while. Though they seem happy to update their Facebook and Twitter regulary -- and both show activity today. I will post the question on these platforms and private message them. I suggest you all do the same to put pressure on them.

This is a glaring omission not being able to go to the beginning of a chapter to start reading it, if it has subsections.

@Nevrose - you also describe the problem well.

After having the Bookeen Odyssey for a several months, I can say my experience of it is OK. Three main issues with it:

1) Not being able to read the start of the chapter and being forced to skip introductory text to start at subsection (if one present). (What this post is about)

2) Sticky page turns: doesn't respond - then when try again, pages turn twice. Equivalent of pages stuck together I guess

3) Unstable USB connection, device self unmounts and remounts: not good if copying books over to it.

I confess I was drawn in by the "HSIS" High Speed Ink System but this wasn't really a serious technology as it appears to be hype from Cybook themselves. Google searches indicated no other places mentioning this, so it didn't appear to be a new version of the Pearl e-Ink screen. Cybook have apparently tweaked the display, overclocked it, with perhaps some unique features in the firmware to handle changes to the display, "deltas" being the technical term.

The ability to play audio from the headphone jack is useful, haven't tried it, great for language learning for example.

I would NOT recommend the Cybook Odyssey to anyone else, I would be suggest the Kobo reader. If fact I would have got this as it provides similar capabilities and I particularly like the storage expandability with microSD and not being locked into one DRM Ecosystem such as Amazon. If a DRM ecosystem is the only was to get some books then Adobe Digital Editions gives more choice of outlets, including Google Books.
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