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Originally Posted by Jackorama View Post
My husband wasn't to happy when I read your post. He went out and borrowed a hard cover book of the digital one I borrowed with the vox, so I would have the extra week to finish reading it. Put it in airplane mode and change the date and change it back when I needed to go on line. They really need to give you an option to renew it, even if it is only for 1 week. 2 weeks are not really enough, 3 weeks is more manageable. Physical books can be borrowed for 3 weeks with several renewals allowed, why not digital?
I go online with the date wrong, I just can't go to GOOGLE PLAY. in the settings under date/time I just unclick where it has you get the reader to "find" the date.
Just note that changing the date while you are reading a book in overdrive (maybe others) will mess up your bookmarks, I find I have to manually bookmark before I "sleep" my VOX
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