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LocationFree TV on your PSP

Still not convinced that mobile video is about to explode? Sony might be feeling a little ignored with all of the attention Apple has been getting due to the new video-capable iPods, so they're taking matters into their own hands. The latest firmware update for Sony's Playstation Portable, System 2.50 released today, adds LocationFree compatibility, which wirelessly streams video content to the PSP over a Wi-Fi connection.

What is LocationFree? How can I use it on my PSP system?

You never have to leave your home entertainment behind again. With LocationFree you can stream TV or movies from your home over broadband internet to your PSP system– virtually anywhere in the world. At home, simply connect you’re A/V components (TV, DVD Player or DVR) and broadband internet to your LocationFree Base Station. On the road, connect your PSP system to a wireless hotspot and click on the LocationFree icon to start streaming your favorite TV programs. Change channels, pause or record on your components at home with the onscreen universal remote. With LocationFree on your PSP system, you can enjoy your home entertainment beyond the living room. And, not only is LocationFree designed to provide the ultimate in entertainment on the go, but its wireless capability makes it perfect for use around the house too.

PSP users who want to watch LocationFree video will still need to shell out $350 for a LocationFree Base Station.

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