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Julie Ask at Jupiter Research mentions MobiTV on the new T|X and Treo here:

I've watched MobiTV on a Treo recently, and I think it looks great even over a cellular network. When I watched it a year ago, I was pretty disappointed by the experience - but not today.
Originally Posted by Pride Of Lions
Mobile video is REALLY going to take off now with the video iPod. People are going to prefer to download content over converting their own. If you want in, now's the time.
Converting is way too cumbersome for the masses, not to mention the legal issues thanks to the DMCA. I've already downloaded an episode of Lost from the iTMS and I'm watching it using my Powerbook hooked up to my 46" DLP. It's better than I expected considering the 320X240 QVGA resolution on a HDTV than can do 1080i and 720p, and it looked OK in a 320X240 window on the Powerbook, so it must look stunning on the new iPod's screen.
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