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ok this is a double post because i am hoping someone with the new black kindle can tell me the answer. i asked in the other thread about the new cheapo kindle but to my surprise the owner didnt have a photo they could put on the reader so i am hoping a wider audience will find someone who does.

I have been a long time reader of these forums but have never needed to join until now... sorry mate it is a question (aint it always). anyway i am wondering if the new kindle has native jpg support and an image viewer like the k4 which bookmarks the last image viewed in the folder and also allow you to zoom in? i am asking because i have a touch at the moment and was thinking about jailbreaking it and installing komic (which looks to be a superb bit of software) because these features are missing on the touch.

however i really like the black look of the new kindle and therefore am also considering buying this new cheaper smaller kindle and selling my touch. now kindles simply handle ebooks really well but the pdf and image support has always been a bit hit and miss. i do know though that the k4 had in the image viewer bookmarking abilities (unlike the touch) and zoom so if these are still there i will make the move.

reason being i have loads of climbing guidebooks that i have scanned into my laptop and converted to both jpeg and pdf. on my touch they look slightly better in jpeg format but there is no ability to zoom. so even though the jpegs are cropped and resized and are just about readable with my glasses on the option to zoom in would be very nice.

so if you can test the image viewers ability to zoom and bookmark and also if you have time can you tell me your opinion of the pdf viewer i would be most grateful.

also if the new black kindle is more or less the same does the same jailbreak work on this?

if anyone can help me out you will be on my imaginary xmas card list for a few years.
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