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Syncing Metadata between 2 libraries

I've found a few threads that seem close to what I'm trying/hoping to do, but none that are exactly what I'm looking for...

When I created my original Calibre library, I added the books from my primary Kindle device, so the library shows the DRM for that particular device. I tweaked metadata to my satisfaction, and all was well.

Now, I'm planning to upgrade to a different device. I know I can't just send the books in my current library to the new device. So, I'm planning on creating a new library for the new device, but it will (eventually) hold the same books as the original library. My question is - is there a way to sync just the metadata to the new library so I don't have to go back and manually update all the info for each of the books a second time?

Or is there a better/more efficient way to do this? I have multiple devices on my account, but generally only sync between my primary device and Calibre (creating the DRM). Is there a way to create the new library without the DRM - I don't mean to strip it, but to not have the DRM 'assigned' until a book is sent to a specific device - so that I can use one library across all devices and save myself this problem when I upgrade again down the road?

To summarize:
Book is in Library 1 with updated metadata and DRM'd to Kindle A.
Same book is in Library 2 with questionable metadata and DRM'd to Kindle B.

Can the metadata for that book be moved/sync'd/merged from Library 1 to Library 2?

Or am I going about the whole process the wrong way?

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