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Originally Posted by HerrB View Post
Half full here. A4 size PDFs are a pleasure to read on it. It is not so good for reading much reference material where one tends to jump back and forth. But reading things in a flow page by page works very well for me.

All the add-ons like web browser, music player etc. etc. etc. I find are totally and utterly missing the point of an e-ink ebook reader. But then.

well guys, i at least can appreciate y positive attitude. Would like to answer to each one of u:
1 - Guidol: - "1200x825 pixel e-ink (not only 800x600)." True. I wrote that the screen seems better than the prs-t1 one, which is considered excellent.
2 - Guidol "SD-Card Slot (1st Yes a Slot AND not MicroSD)"... am i missing some info, or this is not a big deal? I had to buy a adapter for my microSD.
3 - Guidol - "Linux" --> android on the prs-t1 . Anyway, again, i'm probably ignorant. What is the advantage of Linux on a e-book reader, in short?
4- Mono. Considering what i told before, the glass cannot really be 3/4 full. I need to export my highlights, that is why i sold my prs-t1 (it has a ridicolous 200 char limit in export). If i need 30 secs more every time i export them + go back to vocabulary you see the software could be improved. Especially if the screen freezes, which happens quite often and which gives me concerns about the life of the device.
5-HerrB "A4 size PDFs are a pleasure to read on it." -- True, i agree.
6- Hui Neng "Welcome to the club. Now it is the decision: is the glass half full or half empty." Well - i am not requesting much: i want a faster switch from function to function(from highlighting to vocabulary and back). I'd like my screen wouldn't stop to work just the day after i received the device. I'd like the chance to add notes/highlights to txt files, too. This is not really much, for the glass to be full.
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