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Is this new ADE support just a joke .... ?


Getting all fired up by the news about the new firmware for my PRS-505. I immediately updated all the software needed and bought a couple of books in the Adobe protected format. However, when I moved them to my Reader and looked them I was chocked! The small print version could possibly be read with a magnifier (so if one just always brings that along perhaps one can read a page or two), the medium size could be read OK, but then the side breaks didn't work at all, i.e. first page full page (ugly formatting also) second page 2 rows of text and the rest empty, third page full page (still ugly), 4 page 2 rows text and the rest empty. I didn't even want to go to the large text format, but can imagine how bad that must be!

So what is this?? Is it a joke Sony is playing on us or have I missed one simple way of getting the Adobe pages aligned or flowing with the Readers pages? Who want to use this kind of crappy format, I will just go back to buy my books from Connect (a cynic might say that is what Sony wanted all along of course) and ignore this supposedly "great" new firmware update.

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