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feature request: better handling of books with hard wrapping

I'd like to suggest an improvement for calibre conversion.
Better handling of documents with hard line wrapping.
Apologies if I've missed something obvious, that would deal with this issue.

I have a bunch of books in .lit format that I want to read on a kindle.
Unfortunately, the paragraphs are all hard wrapped.
That is if a line reaches 65-70 character, the creation program inserted a carriage return
to wrap the line.
So using the obvious lit to mobi conversion, when you read it on the kindle, you tend to get a line of text followed by a short line, then another full line etc.

Turning on heuristics didnt seem to help.

Now, I can force a better conversion by converting to ascii.
Then doing an ascii to mobi conversion, with settings in the txt input to treat it as unformatted paragaphs.

But it would be much more convenient if the heuristics for lit could handle hard wrapping better.

Some idea's for an approriate heuristic. Allow people to set an unwrap line length range eg 65-75.
If a line is spotted with length in that range, followed by a single carriage return, then another back to text. Delete the carriage return.
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