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What format and which platform? I'm stuck.

I hope some of you can give me some advice. I have spent quite a bit in buying biblical commentaries, both in printed and ebook format. My ecommentaries are all from and they have just recently been made accessible in my iPhone and iPad, which is great but I am not too happy with the app - it is not as seamless as the Kindle reader app.

Now I need one more commentary but I'm kind of in a dilemma not knowing which option to take:

1. Printed hard copy will cost about USD39. Generally, I would prefer a electronic copy because it will be more mobile and accessible. But this is a reference book and my other books in the same series are all in printed form.
2. For an electronic copy, it will be good to have it in my Logos collection but it is the costliest at USD44.
3. The most affordable will be the Kindle copy at only USD28 but my books in Kindle are really a mixture and I find it odd to have a commentary in the midst of all my casual reads

Which option will you take and why? For me at this point, I really cannot decide. And I hope to hear from you to help me decide. Thanks!
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