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Mobile video is about to explode

Who says mobile video isn't ready for prime time? According to a BusinessWeek Online article titled The Coming Mobile-Video Deluge, the number of mobile video users in the U.S. will grow to 20 Million by the end of 2007, up from less than 1 Million users today. The explosion will come on cell phones and smartphones like the Treo 650 using services like MobiTV, which provides mobile TV services to Sprint Nextel and Cingular Wireless.

If you didn't get a chance to see Jeff Hawkins' presentation at the Palm Analyst Day a couple of weeks ago, here are two quotes about mobile content and video:

"I have four full length, high quality movies on my Treo. If you haven't seen it you'll be blown away, I'll be glad to show it to you later. It's an amazing experience, I would have never thought it, but it's incredible. People are going to watch movies on these things."

"Downloading media and streaming media are two applications which really cry out for a small device, one that you've got with you. You don't really want to stream it to your desktop, you want to stream it to the thing right in front of your face."

While watching a video on a small screen isn't exactly an optimal cinematic experience, the ability to view video content instantly, anytime, and anywhere will be the driving force behind mobile video in your pocket. It's all about mobility.

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[via MoCoNews]
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