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M92 - my first review

well i bought it on I received it ca. 5 days ago.
I upgraded firmware from 1.6 to 1.7(...)726
Points to be considered:
1 -from the first day i had a problem with the sylus or maybe the screen: suddendly the screen stops to respond, i have to restart sometimes even to reset the device, then i need to go to the scribble function where i have to scribble blind until it starts to appear uncoordinatedly. After that i need to go to the stylus calibration. Sometimes it doesn't work, so i need to re-do the whole stuff 3 or 4 times a day. Minus.
2- i contacted support, which proved to be quite slow, imho. In 3 days got one answer only, which was actually not a real new to me: "try to reset". Ok, thanks. Since then i've been waiting for them, but nothing at the horizon. Today is the fourth day. Minus, for now.
3 - nice large screen. I had a prs-t1 before, it seems to me the characters are more readable. Plus.
4 - the tool selection is quite slowly. You should be able to select a word and then choose what to do. With the M92 you have instead to go to the menu, select if underline/vocabulary/add note/change font etc. You need then to go back again if you need to change the function. In comparison with the prs-t1 this is a real minus.
5- the reader seems not able to highlight/annotate doc/txt files. Especially in the case of txt files, this seems weird to me, not sure if i remember well but my old kindle 2 and the prs-t1 were able to do the job. Other minus. Any possible hint on this point is welcome, beside to convert files with calibre.

6- very slow when closing files. Fast in opening them. Isn't that weird?

7- some pdf not annotable. Also the marking tool used to annotate is slow and not precise. Much better on the sony/kindle.

8 - more to come. If i will still be able to use it

Sum: i'm disappointed, i thought to have bought the non plus ultra. Now i'm still thinking if keep the device or not. I may have been
unlucky but considering the price of the reader i would have expected a much more proactive support

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