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Originally Posted by HarryT View Post
I assume that you don't prefer white text on a black background for your printed books?
Actually, I might. I really like dark designs better. I had to be really careful about that when I designed my house, not go to dark.

Especially at night, the darker everything around you is, the sleepier you feel. And, I do often have trouble sleeping, that's the main time I read, when can't sleep.

I've always assumed the reason real books were black on white was because it's cheaper that way. The paper is already white and by just making the text black, you use less ink. At least originally anyway, these days, there might be a cheap way to make black paper without a bunch of ink - I have no idea.

I don't think black on white was ever really a design decision for books originally, it was just the obvious way to do it because it was cheaper, used less ink that way.

Originally Posted by HarryT View Post
With the PW, you can just turn the light off if you don't like it.
But then it will still be black on light-ish grey... pretty much the same as black on white.

Still interested in anyone else's experiences with a Kindle who much prefers white on black like I do.
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