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White vs. black background for text

Right now, I'm just reading Kindle books on my iPad. I can not stand the defaults where the background is white and the text is black. I have to change it so that the background is black and the text is white. Just seems a more "cozy" reading experience when it's that way... So much more black on the screen cause you've turned the background black just means less light being shone around, and a more relaxing experience.

Looking at getting one of these dedicated Kindle devices. The Paperwhite having the integrated lighting would be my favorite. But, I'm worried about having to have a "much brighter than black" (I realize it's not white, it's some light shade of grey) background. With the dedicated Kindle devices, can you turn the background black and the text white?

I realize my iPad is back-lit and the Paperwhite is front-lit so there's going to be more than subtle differences in how the lighting looks... Anyone else out there can't stand black text on white on the iPad Kindle software but was somehow able to make-do with the colors provided by the dedicated Kindle device?
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