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Therefore the so called “book lovers” are pitiful, scared of progress, highly insecure, love the smell of paper and also they pride themselves as elitists? For the “never” better not be so absolute, the same arguments we had when moved from horses to automobiles (there were people that loved the smell of horses, apparently).

The “pill” example is totally absurd, why we must eat everything? And if books die then why that must be negative or sad? Sad is that 3 billion people starving and the rest lost in their apathy. Why must be depressing If people don’t like to read? If they can still be productive to their work, helpful to society and find entertainment in other forms then all is well; the elitism about reading is extremely annoying.

About the iLiad now, there are solutions less expensive and the “book industry” either will get over it and decide that must move ahead or find oblivion. I assume that he referred to publishers mostly and them as middlemen – ergo parasites – have many to lose and fear change.
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