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Calibre Reader position to Kindle equivalent.

Calibre Reader to display Kindle style positions.

Is there a plug-in, recipe or formula of sorts to make the Reader display Kindle flavored positions?

Apologies offered in advance if this is not the proper area to post this question or if this has been already answered. I'm a newbie here (although I registered in Feb this year) and my use of Calibre is rather rudimentary.

I have a Kindle 3 but this is only one of my ebook reading devices, the others being an Android smartphone and a PC. Whenever possible —limited to ebooks purchased from Amazon– I sync the devices as I go along a book. However this is not always possible as I get books in all kinds of formats which I convert to .mobi by means of Calibre. I've tried the Amazon email system but this works sometimes and some it doesn't.

In my PC I run Ubuntu and use Kindle for PC with Wine but the diplay of characters is awful. Thus I rather use Calibre's Reader. My problem here is syncing it to my other readers. Kindle for PC shows a position which I transfer to my smartphone easily and from there to my Kindle. However rudimentary, it works. The problem with the Calibre reader is that it uses a totally different algorithm for the positions. I've tried to find an equivalent but it's only an approximation.

Thanks in advance for any help and apologies again for the long winded question.


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