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Hi MrWarper et al.

Nice to hear people are still enthusiastic about the Irex's. I managed to revive my DR800 from the dead when I realised that the problem was the rubber pad that helps the Wacom connector on the motherboard stay connected had perished. Now it's all held together with stickytape, but works fine!

I'd still like to make it useful as a word processor that can be used in the sunlight. I got OpenOffice to run on it in a Debian chroot environment, that wasn't too hard at all. The next step, getting a USB keyboard connected, proved too much for my skills. I built dozens of experimental kernels and hardware tweaking utilities I could not make the USB port enter host mode.

Do you have any insight and/or interest in how this might be done?

Otherwise best of luck. I'm happy to help with other firmware stuff, and have a few minor suggestions for improvements.

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