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Replacement Issues

Sorry for starting new thread , as per my previous post in the same section , my cybook screen is broken and has to be sent in for replacement, it's been 3 days since i am trying to contact them .

Since I stay in Mumbai , India .It was impossible for me to fedex it to them since that would burn my pocket, I had a friend leaving for UK , i gave it to him and gave him 100 pounds which will cover up the expenses .

Now the curve ball is he's going to be there for only 20 days and i would like to get it repaired and sent back within the same time, they still haven't replied and the clock is ticking , should I just ask him to fedex it to them , leaving my email and phone number and pay my card ? Should I send the money in the fedex(not a good idea I think myself?)

Is there a phone number I can contact bookeen on ?
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