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Originally Posted by murg View Post
Yes, you can read one handed, but it isn't as easy as it sounds.
I'm also considering the Glo, and had a question on one handed reading and page turning (which I believe will be the same as is currently on the Touch).

According to the Kobo site, the page turning action on the Touch is now configurable in the latest firmware - but I can't find anything that describes exactly _how_much_ it can be configured. Can I specify upper-right touch for page forward, and upper-left for page back? Or vice versa? Or anywhere on the top half of the page for page forward, and anywhere on the bottom half for page back? Or anywhere on the right for page forward, and anywhere on the left of the page for page back? I've gotten so used to the configurable options in the various eReader applications (specifically CoolReader) that I wonder if I can adapt to more limited choices...


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