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Originally Posted by kovidgoyal View Post
Automatic emailing only happens with periodicals downloaded by the calibre news system. Depending on how comfortable you are with scripting, you can setup the automatic emailing on your server yourself, or you can write a plugin in calibre that will do that for you, but there si no out of the box way to do it.

The calibre-smtp command can be used in your script to send email. calibre-smtp -h for details.
Hi Kovid,

Thanks for the reply. I was thinking the answer might be a plugin However I wouldn't say my coding skills are sufficient enough to create one.

Can you give any suggestions on how to approach a script (specifically for this)? My perl and bash shell skills may stretch as far as this, but I could do with some help.

Any suggestions welcome.

And thanks for a great application. Every release gets better and better.

I am not familiar with creating scripts for Calibre.
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