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Is this possible: Auto-add book/magazine then auto e-mail to device?

Hi there,

I read scientific journals with my new Kindle Fire (I loved my e-ink Kindle, but pdfs were a real PITA). I have Calibre running on my home server. All works perfectly.

Is the following possible:

1. Add pdf to Calibre via auto-add directory.
2. Once file with name format "ACM - Communications MONTHYEAR.pdf" is added to the library, it is automatically e-mailed to my Kindle.

Or some version of this process. I have looked around the preferences for the "automatice adding" and "The add process", but couldn't find anything I could use.

The only way to add them is either manually e-mail the pdf (or converted e-book if chosen) to the device, or download it to my Kindle (which is not always possible).

Any help appreciated.

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