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How to remove double/duplicate books in library?

THIS IS A STAND-ALONE QUESTION NO LONGER REGARDING THE PLUGIN "FINDING DUPLICATES" (I want to know if something like this is possible with the default calibre!)

right now I have "find duplicates" installed but why is it not called find & delete duplicates...

anyway right now I have around a 1000 books that are a duplicate after I moved books from library 1 to library 2!

after finding duplicates its:

Book A
Book A
Book B
Book B
Book C
Book C etc!

how can I delete one: A, B, C, etc??? without having to do the 1000 books manually!

with or without " find duplicates!"


ok now I deleted all the books that were double in library 2 then added the books from library 1 to 2 again!

but damn is there no easier way?

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