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Originally Posted by tarq View Post
Hi all, another newbie, first post!

I would like a little help in choosing an ebook reader of some sort but am baffled as to where to start, I'm in the UK.

At the moment I have a PDA Palm Tungsten E, on which the battery has just about had it. I've bought replacement batteries for other devices, but they've never been very good, not lasting long or charging properly, so a new battery would be a last option.

I mainly use it as PDA but also download a lot of reading material, ie Word docs and a few ebooks. I would like to be able to copy downloaded web pages, (like this for instance) and pdf files onto it as well. (Palm doesn't do that unless they can be converted into a Word doc.), so I think a USB port is a must have.

It would be nice to have a larger screen, and one that can be read in bright daylight, but not so large that it isn't easily portable. I wonder what my options are?

I'm not too bothered about the PDA functions because I may be getting a new mobile with them on soon, so it's mainly the reader part, of course it would be helpful if they were there.

I have a budget of about 200 max.
Any sugestions gratefully looked into.

hi tarq, Im finding it hard to decide on an ereader too. My previous device was a palm T3, and my latest phone is a jailbroken iphone, i ues both devices for reading as well as their other capabilities (although my t3 has just about had it - over six years of faithful service isnt too bad)

For me I think I will probably get either the hanlin v3 or asus eee, and this is after months of looking at different models, but Im still holding out in case something else catches my eye.

For your purposes I couldnt help noticeing you said usb was a requirement - have you had a look at the asus eee. comes in both windows, and linux, very small, comes in 7,9 and 10 inch screen varieties depending on which model you go for, its also marketed as the RM Asus minibook over here (uk), around the 200-300, is basically a very small laptop. I am very tempted - the main drawback is its not an e-ink device, but on the plus side its has either linux or windows and can potentially run anything on it - when i say anything I mean within reason - dont expect to play any of the latest full blown games on it, or expect you can do encode video etc! As a small portable device, its an excellent reader, music, video playback, internet browser.
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