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Originally Posted by Adoby View Post
...Some even recommend that you save the DOCX as a plain text and add all formatting again, from scratch, using a HTML/XHTML editor. And then create the ebook using that. Or use RTF. Or markup.
Thanks Adoby,

Am starting to see the light - hopefully not the light of the express train coming the other way though :-o [lol]

a) "save the DOCX as a plain text and add all formatting again"

Can do the save, but what do you mean by 'formatting' please?

b) "using a HTML/XHTML editor"

What is this please?

c) "use RTF. Or markup"

Don't know what these are - file formats? - but am cool to hang in there with HTML if I can.

Have I opened a can of worms here? Should I be looking for guides to using a HTML/XHTML editor on Amazon? If so, no worries, I am a used book junky, just point me in the general direction I may be heading for book titles?

Thanks again,

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