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Originally Posted by Leaping Gnome View Post
What kind of files RWJ? Files from the Connect store the names should be fine. Files from other places/formats will have metadata you can edit. If you can say what kind of files, me or someone else can recommend a tool/way to edit the metadata.
LG - they were all PDFs, some were from the Tor giveaway (ie commercial w/ no DRM) and some were files from work (possibly not formatted perfectly but also no DRM). However, I discovered the wonder that is calibre, wish to pledge my undying gratitude to the genius who made it, and found that I can rename things easily there. Also, finally twigged that the easiest way to read Word docs is just to save them as html within Word and then use calibre to put them into LRF.

Thank you very much for being willing to help, though.

I love my reader!!
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