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Originally Posted by fairworld View Post
Yes it is...

It works perfectly...

I patched that app... :-)
thank you @fairworld! I wish to ask you what do you did with the patch is only assign the physical buttons to the PRS-T1, or did it needed other fixes?
do you can tell me please if the new root procedure for rooting the PRS-T1 fix completly the demo mode (I heard this, there is now a new rooting procedure, and maybe it have cancelled the demo mode)? I have found a used (not rooted) T1 and I want to buy it if they give to me a nice price. I know that there is a procedure for exiting the demo mode it is this:

But I'm afraid about one theory that I though: if it's true that the newest root procedure have totally fixed (completel cancelled) the demo mode from the device. in case of a glich like that one guy that had in this topic (he was running perfectviewer on a T1 when fell in the demo mode for a glitch), now without the demo mode on the new root version, what would happend in a glitch case? I'm afraid it could fall in a black screen without the possibility of going out: what do you belive about it?

Thanks for your help, I'm sorry for my bad english I hope the message is understandable. Have a nice day!

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