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Need some help with "add book" regexp

Ok, I will apologize in advance as I have no doubt that someone out there has probably already posted these regexp out there, but I work 10-12 hours days, and then come home to several hours worth of college papers, a disabled wife and three kids. I love my life, but it does not leave me with enough time to learn how to do these expressions on my own or to search through hundreds of previous posts looking for the right one.

A couple of years ago I bought a Kindle to take with me on a year long deployment (best investment ever) and a friend gave me a 100+Gb database of books. Since then I have dabbled with Calibre, adding books when I can and hand correcting them. Then someone pointed out what I could do with expressions and I erroneously thought it would be easy. Now I am looking for expert help to come up with the expressions I need. I will copy and paste them into a Word doc so that I have them available in the future and not have to ask for the same ones over and over.

Currently I am working on adding the Star Wars books to my db. They come in 2 formats (with and without series info):

Star Wars - [Adventure Journal 01] - A Glimar of Hope (by Charlene Newcomb).pdf


Star Wars - A Forest Apart (by Troy Denning).pdf

I would like to use the "Star Wars" as a tag, but if there is no way to do this with an expression, then I am ok just dropping it and mass tagging later. (RegExp would be easiest though as all 269 of these files are currently in one folder). Thank you very much in advance for any help provided.


P.S. Something that just crossed my mind. Since the Kindle can't read the Metadata to tell me what series# a book is, I always preface my titles with the series and # prior to the actual title so that all of my books will show up in series order on my kindle list. Is there a way to do this with the expressions? It would save me SO many hours of copy/paste. Again, thank you in advance.

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