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Originally Posted by JimmXinu View Post
Chapter column: yes--I use that myself despite kiwidude's and theducks' opinions of chapter counts.

Once configured, FFDL will fill in the chapter number as reported by the source site. If it's not populating, make sure you have 'Update Metadata' checked when you do the download. I keep 'Default Update Calibre Metadata' on the FFDL Basic config tab checked.

Tagging 'oneshot' is harder, since it's status=Completed and chapters=1. After you get chapter count filled you could find them and then mark them self, but that's about it.

FFDL can fill a word count column with the word count as reported by the source site (but there are a couple sites that don't report word count). If you do both, Count Pages will overwrite the number from FFDL.

FFDL will include the cover image from if it's configured to include images. There's a 'Include images in EPUBs' checkbox on the FFDL Basic config tab, or you can configure it more precisely in personal.ini.

Thank you very much for the response, Jim.

It worked! I had it set to "overwrite if newer", so since the fic wasn't newer on the site, the metadata wouldn't update. It also updates the cover art automatically as well!

Now, I just have a couple more questions. First: Is there a way to always update the metadata, but only overwrite the epub if it's newer on the site? Does "Always Overwrite" essentially accomplish this?

Also, is there a way to set calibre to automatically convert the epub that FFDL downloads to a mobi file? I found that I need to download the book as an epub and THEN convert to mobi, so that I get the chapter marks and skipping function on my kindle. (Thanks to this thread. )

And lastly, have you considered perhaps adding the ability to download all stories by a single author on a site? It's not urgent, or anything. Just an idea. Right now I use this extension to get multiple urls and it works a treat.

Thank you again for your help.
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