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Originally Posted by askak View Post
I've found this review, is in spanish but just looking at photos you can get an idea. The reviewer thinks it handles pdfs really fine for being a 6' reader.

About the notes and highlighting, not implemented already. Also seems to use a slightly modified coolreader version.

Big bummer for me, as I'm searching alternatives to KT, side buttons do crack noises and not very reliable. I want side buttons.
You're right, it seems to do pretty well
It's pretty much down to the i62 and m92 for me. Both have their pros and cons. If only I could test them out in person, but alas I live in the U.S. so nobody carries these.
Either way I have to pick what's best for my eyes.

So after looking into k2pdfopt more deeply it appears that it actually is a great program for formatting pdf's to its display size. Also, I can use calibre to convert my pdf's to an ereader format if I so choose. This really solves the problem. I think I'll just wait until the i62hd lighted version comes out and get that one.

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