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Originally Posted by Hrafn View Post
I'm a very enthusiastic recent i62HD owner, but I have to ask why, if your primary purpose is pdf-reading, you're looking at a 6" reader instead of something larger (conventional wisdom being that 6" is too small for practical pdf reading)?

Yes, the i62HD may have the same resolution as some of those larger readers, but my experience is that this does not translate to being able to display the same amount of information in a readable manner -- the text (although faithfully rendered) is just too small to be easily read. The main advantage of the HD display would appear to be smoother/easier-to-read rendition of the same-sized (or only slightly smaller) text.
I want the 6" due to the ease of portability as well as the i62 being the only model to receive the built-in light feature in the future. Considering that this model is already on the heavier side (250g), I would think that the 9.7 in. m92 would be too heavy and a bit clunky due to its size.

Here's a pdf that I would potentially be reading:

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