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Video iPod coming next week?

The Apple rumor site AppleInsider is reporting that Apple has begun production of a video iPod, and it could be announced as early as next week. According to anonymous reliable sources, the device is similar in size to the current 60GB color iPod, a bit thinner, and sporting a smaller iPod Nano-sized clickwheel that allows for a much larger high resolution color screen suitable for watching videos.

A major update to iTunes Music Store is also expected to coincide with the release of the Video iPod, offering music videos and short format video content, according to AppleInsider. AppleInsider is also reporting sightings of a device similar to the AirPort Express but with the addition of video-out that would provide streaming video to a display or TV.

If and when a video iPod is released, new capabilities could include much more than video playback. The current version of iTunes also supports Adobe PDF documents. A Booklets category in addition to Music, Videos, Audiobooks, and Podcasts leads one to wonder if Apple will offer e-book content at the iTunes Music Store for reading on a video iPod device. Current iPods include an address book, calender, text notes, an alarm, timer, and games. In addition, recent job postings at Apple include a handwriting recognition software engineer, and a software engineer position to manage third party software, with required experience in protocol stack software for mobile devices.

With over 22 million iPods sold to date, thousands of iPod accessories and over a dozen automobile manufacturers offering factory iPod integration, the iPod has become a platform. As the iPod platform continues to evolve, mobile computing capabilities will become more likely. Current iPod integration provides audio playback through factory sound systems. Could video playback on factory entertainment systems be next? How about video travel guides for popular vacation destinations?

Update: According to iLounge, Apple has announced a "One More Thing" media event on Wednesday, October 12, 2005 at 10:00AM PST, adding more fuel to the speculation about an imminent video iPod release:

"Apple has announced a “One More Thing” event on October 12, 2005, at the same California Theatre venue in San Jose where the iPod photo and U2 Special Edition iPod were announced last year. The event, promoted to select media, will begin at 10:00am Pacific, and is named after the famed oratory trick of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who uses the phrase as a prelude to a bombshell announcement at the close of a keynote speech."

Read the full article at AppleInsider here.
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