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Northguy began at the beginning.
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Originally Posted by vlad59 View Post
Doest this mean that you've found something to allow the PRS-T1 to use COPS (and fancyapps) or was it about your edition ?
Thanks for asking

No, it means that at the time I wrote that reply I was so confused that I did not trust the info in my post and decided that to delete it altogether

  • I got COPS working on a Synology DS212+ NAS with a test library residing in my webroot folder.
  • Synology is running Apache
  • The html page works on my PRS-T1 and I am able to download with the PRS-T1 from the test library

Settings to get this working:

In "config_local.php"
$config['calibre_directory'] = './test2/';
$config['calibre_internal_directory'] = './test2/';
$config['cops_x_accel_redirect'] = "location";
$config['cops_use_url_rewriting'] = "0";
Changed last line in in fetch.php
// header ($config['cops_x_accel_redirect'] . ": " . $config['calibre_internal_directory'] . $file);

readfile($config['calibre_internal_directory'] . $file);
With this working I started with getting COPS functional with my large database that resides in /volume1/Documents/Calibre_Library/

I made an alias to that path in httpd-user.conf and somehow managed to download .epubs on my home PC. When downloading with my PRS-T1 I ended up downloading only 'fetch.php'. By the that time I changed so many things that I did not know what I was doing anymore.

Will make a new effort in figuring out how to access files that do not reside in webroot after a few weeks. Next weeks I am inavailable. Unless someone else figures it out before me In that case I just follow his nice little howto

I tried figuring out the fancyapps, but did not succeed completely. With smaller sized cover images the fancybox works ok, so maybe we need to resize the image somehow before opening the fancybox. Need to figure that if that's possible in the code, but php is not my strongest point.
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