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i have a problem when i want to write that file for getting into testmode..

i broke my display, lucky as i am i have a second one here but when i try to attach that display it shows everything correct except the touchscreen doesnt recognise input-.-
thats why i try to get into testmode and set the vcom right .. do a facory initialize as described in the manual.

the thing on this one is that i also cant start the reader normaly i did " Recovering a bricked device (sd recovery, sd rescue)" with the 1.04 package and let it run until the sd card didnt flash anymore..

when i restart now it wants me to choose a language but i cant touch it -.-
so thats why i tried to get into the testmode with the recovery image.... i started it and i can connect to it with putty but here it ends
well the main reason for this is because i am not so familiar with linux so i have problems writeing this xyz file (i know the name is important.. i did create it on the sdcard and was able to get into testmode on the fully working reader).. could u help me out here?
i mean can u give me a litte instruction how to do this.. i read through the wiki the whole night now and cant get it done..
huge thanks to everyone that read until here and tries to help me out here
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