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Hi altruizine,

Thanks for your very detailed description. Finally I thought I got it to work, but unfortunately, i don't ;=(

First I tried an Ubuntu-Live-CD: don't found the drives on PC
Next attempt Knoppix-Live CD: found the drives on PC, but don't found (or showed) the *.IMG image-files
Next attempt ext2fsd program: works with drives, but not with images

Finally I used the very simple way to extract the apk-file from the images with the free portable version of "explore2fsPE" which can be found here:

As a basis I took the images which can be found in "" from the Tweaks-Post here:

Maybe I made a mistake with the copying of the framework-res.apk-file but as a result the display just flicker without any possibilty to do anything on it. So my next step is the SD-Card-Recovery with the hope to get it repaired.

Thanks anyway and best regards

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