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Sony Tablet P + Kobo Desktop- Sync with web account problems

Hello all. I am a newbie here.

So here is my problem that has been driving me crazy for the past few hours. I want to know how to manage my Kobo desktop because of the clutter (Books I will never read need to be deleted)

I am using Sony Tablet P, which runs on android. I googled ebook readers, downloaded Kobo and started reading. Then I started purchasing, just entering my credit card details. I didn't "register" with an account name or password (not that I remember). This was before rakuten merged with kobo.

I created an online account just today and I don't know how to sync with the kobo desktop. Worst of all , everything just comes out in Japanese - the help button, the rakuten contact us forms etc. i tried hooking up my tablet to the desktop, but it is not manageable (only photo folders appear). I am afraid to download and reinstall a new kobo desktop because it might wipe out all the books i have purchased.

what shall i do to -
1. Synchronize my web account (which is created later) with my kobo desktop
2. make sure my purchased books are safe

If this is a redundant question please direct me to the correct thread. thank you

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