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Question Updates for Reader-Application on M92?

I got my M92 now for some weeks and would like to ask if the Reader-Applications will get an update in the future?

I do like the FBReader, because I can use the additional Fonts which I installed on the SD-Card in /fonts
but on some epubs I didnt get the cover-art.
Especially if I reconvert a ePub with Calibre or open and resave the ePub with the Sigil-Editor the cover-art isnt displayed anymore.
The cover-art problem is a FBReader-Standard-Bug like the problem that changing fonts will not work if the styles.css does include a tag with "font-family)

With the CoolReader I could only use the fonts which are installed via the firmware file (OK, there a chance to "mod" the firmware, thats not the right way for me)

With PDF-Reader (also the Beta version) I couldnt find a way to change the font

With CoolReader and PDF-Reader I did get often wrong display refreshs in additional informations (page-numbers and advanced menue). The text is mostly refreshed correctly..but sometimes the page-number couldnt be read anymore because there seems to be drift in writing the display (could be a problem with other fonts than the standard/default used font? I like mono- and sans-serrif fonts for reading)

Booxtor did write these days about a new update. Will there be a update for the readers included?

On my M92 is the (actual?) Update 1.7.20120726

So at this time I do stay with FBReader because he displays my ePubs-allrigt if I dont want the cover-art and do strip the font-family tag out of the styles.css

Whats your prefeered Reader for ePub on the M92 and why and which problems so you got with the "other" readers?
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