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Originally Posted by ixtab View Post
@dmhs2004: you should follow the entire debricking procedure, not only parts of it. This involves flashing the diags kernel and partition, flashing the main kernel, then entering diags to overwrite the main partition (and possibly deleting /dev/mmcblk0p3). Simply completely follow the "n00b's guide" in the debricking thread.

Thanks for your answer,

I followed the instructions of the guide for "noobs".

But I could not make the kindle touch enter diags mode (step 8), however the only thing I've done differently is associated with the file "kernel_5.0.0" found fallen on the link provided by the guide. Instead I used the following files on page: # Fl5Yz + HWOQeErDTOH1IaUFYPh60IdMNowVzg6V43i2I =.

kernel 5.0.0 -> as kernel partition file.
diags_kernel 5.0.0 -> diags partition file.

Please could you tell me if the files I'm using for this purpose are correct?, Or if I'm reading correctly the guide?.

My native language is Spanish and I apologize for my English, because I have not found so specialized forums in my language.
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