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To much information, yet not enough.

I have been doing a fair amount of reading on here and looking at other sites regarding ereaders. Anyhow, I have run into the problem that I find some information a little difficult to decipher, as it nearly always gets over into rooting a reader or converting a format, etc…..

I have some real simple questions as someone that wants to at least initially keep things simple, buy it and read it. We are not invested in any of them yet and can find good and bad with them all.

(I do understand that different readers have different formats. I also understand Amazon is about to announce new readers, so we will wait at least a few days.)


I want to be sure that when I buy a book, I can access it now and several years from now. For example, if I buy X Reader, and it breaks two years from now, will I still have the book?

How would this work, when I buy a book can I save it to an SD Card or Flash Drive, and just set it aside and expect to be able to open it on another device, a couple years or so down the road?

If I buy a book, can my wife or kids access it, if they have a tablet or reader or do I have to buy copies for everyone? For Example, could my wife read the same book on a Samsung Tablet?

With Kindle it appears you are stuck with Amazon for all purchases, if you are talking just straight purchases, without some kind of additional software or changes?

With a Nook, it appears you can purchase from B&N, along with google, just purchase and read?

If you did have a problem with a Nook, will the folks in the store actually take care of things?

With a Sony, it appears you can purchase from the Sony Reader Store and possibly Google Books, though not B&N, since the Epub B&N uses is a different Epub? (You understand why I am confused, Epub, yet different or am I misunderstanding this.)

I have found things I like and dislike about them all, we mainly just want to make sure when we buy a book, it is ours and it will not just be gone when the device wears out or a company goes out of business or is sold, etc….

I like the Sony for the written note taking ability, yet we do a lot of business with Amazon and many claim they have the best customer service. I like the fact that B&N at least in theory should take care of you, if you go into their store.

Thanks for the help.

(I was bit unsure if this should be in General Discussion or Which One to Buy, so feel free to move it, if needed.)
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