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What's wrong with this conversion


There are several posts I write asking around questions how to better convert ePub to Kindle. Yet I got no clear answers nor a link to a better software to convert or to lay out books for Kindle.

Therefore I am stuck with Sigil and Calibre.

So, let's take those two files:

[link to copyrighted books deleted]

Could someone tell me what exactly is wrong? What I've done wrong? The book looks good on ePub but it looks so awful as mobi file.

I've tried to keep it simple, just tables and all the styles are within Sigil.

Are there any paid software that are doing a better job than Calibre when converting ePubs to Kindle?

After I google for an answer I get stumbled by Calibre all over internet as if it is the best option. Well it is not working for me at all, except the case I am the one to blame for not working properly. I can admit that too.

Any feedback or link to a real converter or a tip of what I am done wrong would be very appreciate it.

Kind regards,

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