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When I Save a MOBI Book 3 Different Files Show Up...WHY?

Hey all,

Something I have been wondering about. I have a Kindle Fire and am looking at ways to load my books and PDF books onto my device in a neat and clean way such as manually dragging the MOBI & PDF files into the BOOKS folder and then have them show up and work in the BOOKS section on the device. Should be easy enough, right?

Instead of hunting all through the list of books in the Calibre sub folder, I figured it would be easier to create a new folder and then open Calibre and then I would go down the list and find the books I wanted to put on my Fire and use the "SAVE TO DISK" icon at the top to get the books into my folder that I just created. When I finish all I would have to do is go into that folder and select all the MOBI and PDF files I copied over and drag them into the BOOKS folder in my Kindle Fire and everything should show up fine.

Well I noticed something unusual the other day when I tried it. I copied a SINGLE MOBI book and when I went to see if it copied it correctly instead of seeing that single MOBI file I saw 2 other files for a total of 3 files copied from that single MOBI book file. One of the files was the MOBI file, another was a JPG file and the last was a file format I have never seen before and I can't remember what it is.

OK, when I do this procedure in the future do I need to copy ALL 3 files associated with that particular book file into the BOOKS folder on the Fire to get the book to appear properly when I want to read it or can I simply just drag the MOBI file into the BOOKS folder and go read it on my Fire? I guess I should've asked whether I needed all 3 of those files on my Fire in order for the book to work properly or would it work with just the MOBI file?

Lastly, why doesn't Calibre put the files into the BOOKS folder when you have it load a selected book onto your device? It would be so much neater and easier to keep track of when you were working with the directory tree in the Device. As it is now, when I transfer books to my Fire using Calibre, when I open up the directory on my Fire there will be bookk files all over the place in the ROOT directory instead of the "BOOKS" Sub Directory? When they are like that it is darn near impossible to tell what files are what, especially if you have multiple books loaded onto your Fire.

I'd like to see Calibre correct that and have it load the files into the BOOKS sub directory. Can that be done?

Also can you tell me whether my books will show up and work properly if I copy them to the BOOKS folder on my Fire like I described above?


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