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Table of Contents: opf, mobi, prc

I created a book in Word and converted it to html. I used Mobipocket Creator to turn the html to an opf and created guides for start and toc. I separately created a toc.ncx file and made the necessary alterations in the manifest and spine of the opf so it would recognize it. I then used Mobipocket to create a prc file.

That all worked great and when I open the prc in Kindle Previewer it looks fine. However, the prc file does not recognize the many special characters I have in the document. My cursory research seems to imply that a prc file will never recognize these characters. (Most importantly, a check mark (U+2713) and a script small L (U+2113), but there are others, too).

However, when I open the book's html file directly with Kindle Previewer, these characters appear just fine. I tried opening the OPF file, which Mobipocket created, using Kindle Previewer, the characters display fine and the Table of Contents works fine. But when I open that file with my actual device, it does not recognize the location of the Table of Contents (I tried on a regular kindle and kindle for iPad. Neither worked).

So, does anyone have any idea why that mobi-created-from-opf would recognize the ToC on Previewer but not on my device? Alternatively, I could try to replace the special characters in the file with prc-friendly characters, but I've already put in a lot of work selecting characters that worked on mobi, so I'd rather not go through that again.
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