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Yes, thank you very much for that post.

Just to make sure I understand - if I use symlinker, for each remote library, I should:
  1. Backup the metadata.db file.
  2. Move the file from the remote location to a local dir.
  3. Choose the remote calibre library dir as "the place where I want my link" in symlinker.
  4. Choose the local copy of the metadata.db file as "the real folder I want to link."
It turns out the answer to my original question is no. The CALIBRE_OVERRIDE_DATABASE_PATH environment variable cannot be used with more than one library:

Using the environment variable CALIBRE_OVERRIDE_DATABASE_PATH disables multiple-library support in calibre. Avoid setting this variable in calibre-portable.bat unless you really need it.
So I'm glad the symlink method works!

Alternatively, would using mklink in an elevated command prompt as follows also work? I've listed the remote dir (where the link will go) first and the metadata file path second:

mklink "X:\Books\Calibre Library 1" "C:\Calibre Portable\Metadata\Calibre Library 1\Metadata.db"

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