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Talking Sync Calibre Library in Dropbox for Windows


I thought I'd share this little tidbit which I discovered quite accidentally. Not sure if this was discussed before, my searches didn't find anything and I thought I'd share. If this was covered previously, I apologize.

I was thinking if it's possible in Windows 7 to create a symbolic link to the files in my Calibre Library without having to move the entire folder and it's contents into my Dropbox folder and then reconfigure Calibre to read the new location. Sort of like a way to keep a running "backup" of my Calibre Library. Here's how you do it:

1) Load the cmd.exe as administrator by going to the Start button and typing cmd when it appears in the list, right-click on it and click on Run as Administrator

2) This will load a black window and the prompt will read
3) If you have a standard Calibre installation and you didn't move your Library, it should normally be in
%userprofile%\Calibre Library\
Similarly, Dropbox should be located in

4) In the command window, type:
cd %userprofile%\Dropbox
and press the enter key.

5) The prompt will change to read something like: c:\User\[User Name]\Dropbox. This is good.

6) Now, type:
mklink /D "Calibre Library" "%userprofile%\Calibre Library\"
and press the enter key.

7) You will now see what appears as a regular folder inside your Dropbox folder called "Calibre Library" which acts like a shortcut directly to your actual Calibre Library folder.

8) You may now close out the command window by typing "exit" or just clicking on the close button.

The operating system, and more importantly, Dropbox, thinks that the folder actually exists in the Dropbox folder. Any time you add or change anything using Calibre, the files and metadata will be automatically synced with your Dropbox account.
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