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Need help from people with both an Android device and a Kindle


I would like to know which android devices (phones/tablets) are able to connect to the Kindle (any version you have) via USB or wireless, to transfer book files (.pdf, .mobi, anything etc) stored on the android device to the Kindle, thus increasing the capacity you can carry around with you.

With USB I believe that this requires the android device to be able to act as USB Host, much like a PC is a USB Host, and is also called USB OTG (On-The-Go).

I will be travelling without internet access, so would like to have this ability, and I was wondering if some people would be so kind enough as to test if their android device can connect to the Kindle and transfer files, so I know which android device to buy. It may require an app, there are a few free ones on the Google Play android market if you search there for 'USB OTG'.
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