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Originally Posted by davidfor View Post
That is the correct way to do it. I have never had books left behind. I just checked it was OK on one of my libraries with 0.8.67.

It sounds like something else is going wrong. The first thought is that the files are marked as read only. calibre actually does a copy followed by a delete, so if the original are read only, it might not be able to delete them.

Another possibility is the file system is damaged somehow and the deletes aren't working. Running a check on the drive would be a good idea.

The only other thing is if this happened with the previous version. The changes for 0.8.67 include a change in how larger books are copied. Are the books bigger than 3MB?
Yes I have books over 3Mb.

I don't know what to do at this stage.

Any suggestions please on the followings?

a) How to get rid off the duplicates?
b) What should i do from now on, so it does not happen again?

kind regards

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