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Originally Posted by davidfor View Post
you will have directories called "unknown" if the books in the library do not have an author or title. To fix this, you need to fix the author and titles in calibre. calibre will then rename the directories and files as appropriate. If after doing this, the "unknown" files and directories still exist, then there is a problem.

If you directly edit the directory and file names, then you will break things.

So, what are you actually doing when these extra files appear? Or don't disappear.
Thank you David,
I may have been doing something wrong and now I am trying to find a way to correct it by finding out where I went wrong.

What I did was I cleared the author field and enter the real author field in the calibre interface

right click on the individual book
edit metadata
edit metadata individually

clear the wrong Author field
Enter the new Author field
then OK it to save the " edit metadata individually"
that's it.

Please correct me if I went wrong and tell me the steps for the
correct way

and I ended up so many "orphan" author folders where I have
extra copy of the original books

That's amount to 600mb+ and ever growing due to correcting the author

I now have an extra 600mb+ ever growing junk of duplicates in the "Calibre Library" folder

I definatelly need help to clean the junk as well as find a way not
to create more and more

kind regards

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