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Smile Manuscript to ebook

Yes perhaps I should make it a little clearer! The free pdf of Manuscript to Ebook can be found directly below the cover link of the book to amazon. The pdf is a straight conversion from an epub copy to pdf using Calibre. Yes it does download in rather a large format but you can reduce the size of the text. The guide (I hesitate to call it a book) simply started out as a way for me to remember how I learnt to correct my first ebook and how I created my second book having no prior knowledge of building an ebook. I have one further book in draft format and one further idea for a book. By the time I get round to converting them to ebooks, I would have probably forgoten how I did it! So instead of sticking my experiences down on scrap pieces of paper, I thought I may as well prove to my self I could indeed build ebooks by making a guide (book!) out of it. If only a little bit can go to help other people then great. This forum is a great place for help. I am not looking to be marked on how beautiful the book looks, just its ability to help others to make an ebook. Comments good or bad can only help me and others to produce better ebooks. I could improve the cover but this would mean I would have to spend a further $4 doing a new picture and double the production cost of the book! This simply will not do.... Finally, although the free pdf provides all you require to produce an ebook, I have added a few extra chapters that are available in the Kindle format. Yes it does involve spending money (gulp!) but hey why not. It is available in full in the Kindle lending section as well.
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