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I am going to quote a post I made over a year ago on this subject...

Originally Posted by mangus580 View Post
Yanno, I love Calibre for my ebooks. It does an awesome job..... now, that said, i wish i could ingetrate my audio books as well. I understand the comments about movies & music, and I agree.

Audio books though, I feel should be included. Think about it. You have a book, and several formats of said book (epub, mobi, pdf - for instance). If you have it in mp3 format too, it should just be able to list that format as well, and offer it up to the user. I like to collect both, and it would be very nice to have all organized in the same manner.

I honestly think its a no brainer to add audiobook support to Calibre. I understand the issues around format conversion with audio - that doesnt need to be a feature (yet at least). But I dont see it being very hard to get it to recognize audio book files, and tag them appropriately just like ebooks. I suppose there might have to be some preference settings to tell it how to manage them for specific devices (as you may need to put your audio books in a different location than ebooks on your device).

Long story short... a book is a book... be it epub, mobi, pdf, azw, doc, mp3, etc... Makes sense for Calibre to be the end all 'electronic' book library, both e-book and audio...

I still feel the same way. I want to be able to look at book ABC and see what formats I have... be it epub of mp3...

I dont want to 'trick' the system either. There is no reason that calibre cant auto-zip a directory full of mp3 files (or whatever audio format) and add the zip to the library. In the thread where I post this before it was said that could make your library 'huge'... but who cares? Why would it matter?

Or like someone else said... create 2 library storage areas, referenced by the same database - one for ebooks, one for audio. Have calibre understand both. Allow the content server to serve out both.

Audio books are not just a 'music playlist' or collection of 'songs' like others have stated. They are a 'multi-part' book.

I also would be willing to partake in bounty payment for this functionality. Again - dont want to trick Calibre... just want it to work.

ETA - Obviously this company agrees with the concept... -

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